Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let's get it on

I thought I would share with everyone my awesome running playlist. Just in the spirit of the FRIGID cold outside. Because without a playlist this awesome, there is no way I would ever ever exercise. And a Catherine who isn't exercising is a Catherine who isn't much fun to be around.


Where's the Love (It's a crime that embedding is disabled on that song.)

Creep (Seriously, YouTube -- fail!)

Magic Dance

(YouTube, why aren't you cooperating? I've got things to do.)

Burnin' Up

Right Where You Want Me

Circus (Fine. You win.)

Till I Collapse

Chris Brown and David Bowie are my super husbands. I think that people can take some notes of what awesome music is. Yep.

Exciting Update: I just discovered when taking off my shoes tonight that I have developed this awesome thing!

Runner's Toe

My shoes are apparently too small, so I am going to develop these bad boy blisters UNDERNEATH my toenails until we can afford to buy me new $120 sneakers.

It's so foul.

Marcus drained the blister for me while I cried hysterically because I am deathly afraid of needles. He's a keeper. He has no idea what he is going to have to deal with if I get a Fulbright and we have to get all sorts of inoculations. He might leave me...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

'Round the Table questions even though we are just sitting here on the couch by ourselves

Is this thing on? We forgot about this blog again. We are all-stars. The updates are Fast and Furious, like Vin Diesel. Rock? Nrrrrreeeee?

This post for our family, but they are the only people who read this anyway.

Question time!

1. If you had to play one video game for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Marcus: Peggle Nights
Catherine: Peggle

2. If you had to listen to one song on loop, and it was always playing everywhere you went, what song would you pick?
Marcus: Alone by Heart
Catherine: Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely

3. If you could hang out with any comic book character, who would it be?
Marcus: Bigby from Fables
Catherine: Jughead from Archie
Marcus: No, Fin Fang Foom.

4. If you had to have facial reconstruction surgery and look like someone famous, who would it be?
Marcus: Shel Silverstein
Catherine: Mickey Rouke. Just kidding. Kate Winslet.

5. If you had to eat one fruit or vegetable for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Marcus: Eggplant. Wizards.
Catherine: Bananas

6. What superpower would you want?
Marcus: Mandarin's 10 rings and facial hair. Just kidding. Blackbolt's voice.
Catherine: To be able to warm up, except it would make me susceptible to people who could make me into a pie.

7. Would you rather be 100 feet tall or 10 inches tall?
Marcus: 100 ft, so I could get everybody.
Catherine: 10 inches, so I could hide places and be a spy.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Take some notes

My mom's side of the family has started a blog (no, really):

Renuart Nation

And I really just think that the world needs to take some notes on what winners look like.

I am the baby in red overalls to the left. What you can't quite make out is that my right eye is completely black (an unfortunate occurance which involved a refrigerator, a kitchen counter, and my eye socket). My mom is the prettiest woman. And that is a normal size for a family. Considering that this is just the first round of grandchildren...

The next round starts. I'm the kid on the top step, far right. I wish I still wore that outfit (especially the shoes). And had that hair cut.

But the ultimate get is my game face in this photo (you probably need to the Renuart site and click on the photo to get it full size in order to appreciate this). And that vest that I am wearing. I mean Jamie's pose (who is to the right). Really, it's Haley who was the cutest child. And Tim, who was never more than 10 feet away from her for about 6 years.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The wife ain't the only one can update.

Hey there, blog! How's it going? I had the day off today, but then two things happened:

1. I am sick with blargh, despite trying SOSO hard not to get sick; and

2. I had to grade 25 essays that were also somehow sick with blargh.

Do you know what teaching school is, blog? Teaching school is bogus.

Like this:

Au revoir, blog. Je vomis.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sirs and Ma'ams

We didn't know.

How could we have known that Swedish dance bands were so incredible?

I am starting a free love commune with every single one of those men. 'Cause I need to get up on all of that. There is no time to waste.

More of these fine-looking gentlemen can be found here.

But I saved my true love for last:

Oh, man to the far right... I didn't know that my heart could beat like this...

Sunday, October 5, 2008


We have both been super blargh monsters with serious cold/flu things for the past week or so, but we just got great news that Josh and Heidi had their baby! Follow the links to see the tiny baby (born by c-section) and the happy parents. We are so thrilled for them and can't wait to meet Miss Izzie in person.

Baby Isabella Rose

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rebuking rebuttal.

I must concede that Meatloaf did pose good competition with "I Would Do Anything for Love," but really. Can you top these two at once? A one-two punch. A duo of women who have brought us some of the cheesiest power ballads of all time.

What happened to divas?

And of course Mariah Carey's Hero


I admit that it is nearly impossible to call, but in the end, how does Meatloaf not win? Even against Celine Dion. Look:

This is exactly how Cat and I met, except without all the lesbians (and the subsequent mirror-breaking), but definitely with the me being a monster and then there being a police detective in glasses and then we were riding off into the sunset. Also, however old I was when I first saw this, all I remembered was the lesbians. So awesome.

But then there's Meatloaf covering Celine Dion. So I guess he answered the bell:

Just kidding. That is the worst.

Importanter update!

Seriously, if you want a for real power ballad:

Celine Dion -- It's All Coming Back to Me Now.

Curse youtube for disabling embedding of Celine Dion. But I promise you it is worth it. It's got explosions, ghosts, storms, flashes of light. She is the unbeatable winner of my heart.